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QYView Class Reference

#include <qyview.h>

Inheritance diagram for QYView:

YView YViewIface

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Detailed Description

Implementation of YView for the Qt GUI.

In QYzis, the view is implemented using a QWidget

Definition at line 49 of file qyview.h.

Public Slots

void fileSave ()
void fileSaveAs ()
void scrollView (int)


void cursorPositionChanged ()
void newStatus ()

Public Member Functions

void abortPaintEvent ()
void alignViewBufferVertically (int line)
void alignViewVertically (int line)
QString append ()
void appendInputBuffer (const YKey &k)
void applyChanges (int y)
void applyConfig (const QSettings &settings, bool refresh=true)
void applyStartPosition (const YCursor pos)
void bottomViewVertically (int line)
QString centerLine (const QString &)
void centerViewHorizontally (int column)
void centerViewVertically (int line=-1)
YSelection clipSelection (const YSelection &sel) const
void commitNextUndo ()
void commitPaintEvent ()
void commitUndoItem ()
QChar currentChar () const
YModecurrentMode () const
void displayInfo (const QString &)
void displayIntro ()
const YColordrawBgColor ()
const YColordrawBgSelColor ()
bool drawBold ()
const QChar & drawChar () const
const YColordrawColor (int col, int line) const
const YColordrawColor ()
int drawHeight () const
bool drawItalic ()
int drawLength () const
const QChar & drawLineFiller () const
const QChar & drawLineMarker () const
int drawLineNumber () const
bool drawNextCol ()
bool drawNextLine ()
const YColordrawOutline ()
bool drawOverline ()
bool drawPrevCol ()
bool drawPrevLine ()
const YColordrawSelColor ()
bool drawStrikeOutLine ()
int drawTotalHeight ()
bool drawUnderline ()
QYEditeditor ()
const QChar & fillChar () const
YZFoldPoolfolds () const
const YCursor getBufferCursor () const
QString getCharBelow (int delta)
int getColumnsVisible () const
int getCurrentLeft () const
int getCurrentTop () const
const YCursor getCursor () const
int getDrawCurrentLeft () const
int getDrawCurrentTop () const
const int getId () const
const YKeySequence & getInputBuffer () const
const YKeySequence & getLastInputBuffer () const
int getLinesVisible () const
bool getLocalBooleanOption (const QString &option) const
int getLocalIntegerOption (const QString &option) const
QStringList getLocalListOption (const QString &option) const
MapOption getLocalMapOption (const QString &option) const
YOptionValuegetLocalOption (const QString &option) const
QString getLocalOptionKey () const
QString getLocalStringOption (const QString &option) const
YCursor getRelativeScreenCursor () const
YCursor getScreenPosition () const
YSelectionPoolgetSelectionPool () const
void gotodxdy (YViewCursor *viewCursor, const int x, const int y, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotodxdy (YViewCursor *viewCursor, QPoint nextpos, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotodxdy (int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotodxdy (QPoint nextpos, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotodxdyAndStick (const int x, const int y)
void gotodxdyAndStick (const QPoint cursor)
void gotodxy (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotodxy (int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoLastLine (YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoLastLine ()
void gotoLine (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int line, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoLine (int line)
void gotoStickyCol (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int Y, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoStickyCol (int Y)
void gotoxdy (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoxdy (int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoxy (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoxy (int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoxy (YViewCursor *viewCursor, const QPoint nextpos, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoxy (const QPoint nextpos, bool applyCursor=true)
void gotoxyAndStick (const int x, const int y)
void gotoxyAndStick (const QPoint cursor)
virtual void guiDisplayInfo (const QString &)
QString guiGetCommandLineText () const
void guiHighlightingChanged ()
bool guiPopupFileSaveAs ()
void guiScroll (int dx, int dy)
virtual void guiSelectionChanged ()
void guiSetCommandLineText (const QString &text)
void guiSetFocusCommandLine ()
void guiSetFocusMainWindow ()
virtual YStatusBarIfaceguiStatusBar ()
virtual void guiUpdateCursor ()
virtual void guiUpdateFileInfo ()
virtual void guiUpdateFileName ()
virtual void guiUpdateMode ()
void indent ()
void initChanges (QPoint pos)
void initDraw (int sLeft, int sTop, int rLeft, int rTop, bool draw=true)
void initDraw ()
int initDrawContents (int clipy)
bool isColumnVisible (int column, int line) const
bool isLineVisible (int l) const
bool isRecording () const
int lineHeight () const
int lineIncrement () const
YModePoolmodePool () const
bool moveDown (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nb_lines=1, bool applyCursor=true)
bool moveDown (int nb_lines=1, bool applyCursor=true)
bool moveLeft (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nb_cols=1, bool wrap=false, bool applyCursor=true)
bool moveLeft (int nb_cols=1, bool wrap=false, bool applyCursor=true)
bool moveRight (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nb_cols=1, bool wrap=false, bool applyCursor=true)
bool moveRight (int nb_cols=1, bool wrap=false, bool applyCursor=true)
QString moveToEndOfLine (YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true)
QString moveToEndOfLine ()
QString moveToFirstNonBlankOfLine (YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true)
QString moveToFirstNonBlankOfLine ()
QString moveToStartOfLine (YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true)
QString moveToStartOfLine ()
bool moveUp (YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nb_lines=1, bool applyCursor=true)
bool moveUp (int nb_lines=1, bool applyCursor=true)
YBuffermyBuffer () const
YLineSearchmyLineSearch ()
virtual void printToFile (const QString &path)
void purgeInputBuffer ()
 QYView (YBuffer *doc, QYSession *qysession)
void recalcScreen ()
void recordMacro (const QList< QChar > &regs)
void redo (int count=1)
void refreshScreen ()
virtual void registerModifierKeys (const QString &keys)
const QList< QChar > registersRecorded () const
void reindent (const QPoint pos)
void removePaintEvent (const YCursor from, const YCursor to)
void saveInputBuffer ()
void sendBufferPaintEvent (int line, int n)
void sendCursor (YViewCursor cursor)
void sendPaintEvent (YSelectionMap map, bool isBufferMap=true)
void sendPaintEvent (int curx, int cury, int curw, int curh)
void sendPaintEvent (const YCursor from, const YCursor to)
void sendRefreshEvent ()
void setPaintAutoCommit (bool enable=true)
void setStickyCol (int col)
void setVisibleArea (int c, int l, bool refresh=true)
void setVisibleArea (int columns, int lines)
void stopRecordMacro ()
QString toString () const
void undo (int count=1)
virtual void unregisterModifierKeys (const QString &keys)
void updateCursor ()
void updateFileInfo ()
void updateFileName ()
void updateMode ()
void updateStickyCol (YViewCursor *viewCursor)
void updateStickyCol ()
const YViewCursorviewCursor () const
YViewCursorvisualCursor ()
YSelectionMap visualSelection () const
void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *e)

Protected Member Functions

void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *e)
virtual void guiDrawCell (QPoint, const YDrawCell &cell, void *arg)
virtual void guiDrawClearToEOL (QPoint, const QChar &clearChar)
void guiDrawSetLineNumber (int y, int n, int h)
void guiDrawSetMaxLineNumber (int max)
virtual void guiEndPaintEvent ()
virtual void guiNotifyContentChanged (const YSelection &i)
void guiPaintEvent (const YSelection &s)
virtual void guiPreparePaintEvent (int y_min, int y_max)
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e)
void setupKeys ()
bool stringHasOnlySpaces (const QString &what)

Protected Attributes

YDrawBuffer m_drawBuffer

Private Attributes

QYCommandLine * mCommandLine
QYLineNumbers * mLineNumbers
QPainter * mPainter
QScrollBar * mVScroll


class QYCursor
class QYEdit

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