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YModeEx Class Reference

#include <mode_ex.h>

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Detailed Description

Execution mode ( "command ':').

Definition at line 163 of file mode_ex.h.

Public Types

enum  ModeType {
  ModeCommand, ModeInsert, ModeReplace, ModeEx,
  ModeSearch, ModeSearchBackward, ModeIntro, ModeCompletion,
  ModeVisual, ModeVisualLine, ModeVisualBlock

Public Member Functions

CmdState bufferdelete (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState bufferfirst (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState bufferlast (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState buffernext (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState bufferprevious (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState cd (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState cmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState cnoremap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState cunmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
virtual void cursorMoved (YView *mView)
CmdState edit (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState enew (const YExCommandArgs &args)
void enter (YView *mView)
CmdState execCommand (YView *mView, const YKeySequence &inputs, YKeySequence::const_iterator &parsePos)
CmdState execExCommand (YView *view, const QString &cmd)
const QStringList extractCommandNames ()
CmdState foldCreate (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState genericMap (const YExCommandArgs &args, int)
CmdState genericNoremap (const YExCommandArgs &args, int)
CmdState genericUnmap (const YExCommandArgs &args, int)
YZHistorygetHistory ()
CmdState gotoCommandMode (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoOpenMode (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState hardcopy (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState highlight (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState imap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
virtual void imBegin (YView *mView)
virtual void imCompose (YView *mView, const QString &entry)
virtual void imEnd (YView *mView, const QString &entry)
CmdState indent (const YExCommandArgs &args)
void init ()
virtual void initModifierKeys ()
void initPool ()
CmdState inoremap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
virtual bool isCommandLineMode () const
virtual bool isEditMode () const
virtual bool isSelMode () const
CmdState iunmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
void leave (YView *mView)
CmdState lua (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState map (const YExCommandArgs &args)
yzis::MapMode mapMode () const
CmdState mkyzisrc (const YExCommandArgs &args)
ModeType modeType () const
QStringList modifierKeys () const
CmdState nmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState nnoremap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState noremap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState nunmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState omap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState onoremap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState ounmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState pop (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState preserve (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState pwd (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState quit (const YExCommandArgs &args)
bool registered () const
CmdState registers (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState retab (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState set (const YExCommandArgs &args)
void setRegistered (bool registered)
CmdState source (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState split (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState substitute (const YExCommandArgs &args)
virtual bool supportsInputMethod () const
CmdState syntax (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState tag (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState tagnext (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState tagprevious (const YExCommandArgs &args)
const QString & toString () const
CmdState unmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState vmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState vnoremap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState vunmap (const YExCommandArgs &args)
CmdState write (const YExCommandArgs &args)

Protected Attributes

bool mIM
bool mIsCmdLineMode
bool mIsEditMode
bool mIsSelMode
yzis::MapMode mMapMode
QStringList mModifierKeys
bool mRegistered
QString mString
ModeType mType

Private Member Functions

void completeCommandLine (YView *view)
int completionIndex ()
const QString & completionItem (int idx)
const QStringList & completionList ()
QString parseRange (const QString &inputs, YView *view, int *range, bool *matched)
int rangeCurrentLine (const YExRangeArgs &args)
int rangeLastLine (const YExRangeArgs &args)
int rangeLine (const YExRangeArgs &args)
int rangeMark (const YExRangeArgs &args)
int rangeSearch (const YExRangeArgs &args)
int rangeVisual (const YExRangeArgs &args)
void resetCompletion ()

Private Attributes

QList< const YExCommand * > commands
QStringList mCompletePossibilities
QString mCompletionCurrentSearch
int mCurrentCompletionProposal
QList< const YExRange * > ranges

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