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YModeReplace Class Reference

#include <mode_insert.h>

Inheritance diagram for YModeReplace:

YModeInsert YModeCommand YMode

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Detailed Description

Replace mode

Definition at line 78 of file mode_insert.h.

Public Types

enum  ModeType {
  ModeCommand, ModeInsert, ModeReplace, ModeEx,
  ModeSearch, ModeSearchBackward, ModeIntro, ModeCompletion,
  ModeVisual, ModeVisualLine, ModeVisualBlock

Public Member Functions

CmdState abort (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual CmdState addText (YView *mView, const QString &key)
CmdState append (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState appendAtEOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual CmdState backspace (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState change (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState changeCase (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState changeLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState changeToEOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState closeWithoutSaving (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState commandEnter (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual CmdState commandInsert (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState completion (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState completionNext (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState completionPrevious (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void cursorMoved (YView *mView)
CmdState decrementNumber (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState del (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteChar (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteCharBackwards (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteLineBefore (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteToEndOfLastLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteToEOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteWordBefore (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState delkey (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void enter (YView *view)
virtual CmdState execCommand (YView *view, const YKeySequence &inputs, YKeySequence::const_iterator &parsePos)
CmdState execMotion (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor execMotion (YView *view, const QString &inputs, int count, bool usercount, bool *stopped)
YCursor findAfterPrevious (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor findBeforeNext (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor findNext (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor findPrevious (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor firstNonBlank (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor firstNonBlankNextLine (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoCommandMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor gotoEndOfDocument (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor gotoEOL (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoExMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoInsertMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor gotoLine (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoLineAtBottom (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoLineAtCenter (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoLineAtTop (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor gotoMark (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoReplaceMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor gotoSOL (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor gotoStartOfDocument (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoVisualBlockMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoVisualLineMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoVisualMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
void imBegin (YView *)
void imCompose (YView *mView, const QString &entry)
void imEnd (YView *mView, const QString &entry)
CmdState incrementNumber (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState indent (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void init ()
virtual void initCommandPool ()
void initGenericMotionPool ()
void initModifierKeys ()
virtual void initMotionPool ()
virtual void initPool ()
CmdState insertAtCol1 (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState insertAtSOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState insertFromAbove (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState insertFromBelow (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState insertLineAfter (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState insertLineBefore (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual YInterval interval (const YCommandArgs &args, CmdState *state)
virtual bool isCommandLineMode () const
virtual bool isEditMode () const
virtual bool isSelMode () const
CmdState joinLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState joinLineWithoutSpace (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void leave (YView *view)
CmdState lineToLowerCase (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState lineToUpperCase (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState macro (const YCommandArgs &args)
yzis::MapMode mapMode () const
CmdState mark (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor matchPair (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
ModeType modeType () const
QStringList modifierKeys () const
YCursor moveDown (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveLeft (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveLeftWrap (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveRight (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveRightWrap (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveSWordBackward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveSWordEndBackward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveSWordEndForward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveSWordForward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveUp (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveWordBackward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveWordEndBackward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveWordEndForward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState moveWordForward (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor moveWordForward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor nextEmptyLine (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCommandparseCommand (const YKeySequence &inputs, YKeySequence::const_iterator &parsePos)
YMotionparseMotion (const YKeySequence &inputs, YKeySequence::const_iterator &parsePos, int &count, MotionType &motionType)
CmdState pasteAfter (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState pasteBefore (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor previousEmptyLine (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState redisplay (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState redo (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState redoLastCommand (const YCommandArgs &args)
bool registered () const
YCursor repeatFind (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState replace (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState replayMacro (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState saveAndClose (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor scrollLineDown (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor scrollLineUp (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor scrollPageDown (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor scrollPageUp (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState searchBackwards (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState searchForwards (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor searchNext (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor searchPrev (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor searchWord (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
void setRegistered (bool registered)
CmdState substitute (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual bool supportsInputMethod () const
CmdState tagNext (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState tagPrev (const YCommandArgs &args)
const QString & toString () const
CmdState undo (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState undoJump (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState yank (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState yankLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState yankToEOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
 YModeReplace ()

Public Attributes

QList< YCommand * > commands
QList< YMotion * > motions
QStringList textObjects

Protected Attributes

QString m_imPreedit
bool mIM
bool mIsCmdLineMode
bool mIsEditMode
bool mIsSelMode
yzis::MapMode mMapMode
QStringList mModifierKeys
bool mRegistered
QString mString
ModeType mType

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