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YModeVisualBlock Class Reference

#include <mode_visual.h>

Inheritance diagram for YModeVisualBlock:

YModeVisual YModeCommand YMode

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Detailed Description

Visual block mode

Definition at line 92 of file mode_visual.h.

Public Types

enum  ModeType {
  ModeCommand, ModeInsert, ModeReplace, ModeEx,
  ModeSearch, ModeSearchBackward, ModeIntro, ModeCompletion,
  ModeVisual, ModeVisualLine, ModeVisualBlock

Public Member Functions

CmdState abort (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState append (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState appendAtEOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState change (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState changeCase (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState changeLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState changeToEOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState changeWholeLines (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState closeWithoutSaving (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState commandAppend (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState commandInsert (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void cursorMoved (YView *mView)
CmdState decrementNumber (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState del (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteChar (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteCharBackwards (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteToEndOfLastLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteToEOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState deleteWholeLines (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState delkey (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void enter (YView *mView)
CmdState escape (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual CmdState execCommand (YView *view, const YKeySequence &inputs, YKeySequence::const_iterator &parsePos)
CmdState execMotion (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor execMotion (YView *view, const QString &inputs, int count, bool usercount, bool *stopped)
YCursor findAfterPrevious (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor findBeforeNext (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor findNext (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor findPrevious (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor firstNonBlank (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor firstNonBlankNextLine (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoCommandMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor gotoEndOfDocument (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor gotoEOL (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoExMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoInsertMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor gotoLine (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoLineAtBottom (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoLineAtCenter (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoLineAtTop (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor gotoMark (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoReplaceMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor gotoSOL (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor gotoStartOfDocument (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState gotoVisualBlockMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoVisualLineMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState gotoVisualMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void imBegin (YView *mView)
virtual void imCompose (YView *mView, const QString &entry)
virtual void imEnd (YView *mView, const QString &entry)
CmdState incrementNumber (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState indent (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void init ()
virtual void initCommandPool ()
void initGenericMotionPool ()
virtual void initModifierKeys ()
virtual void initMotionPool ()
virtual void initPool ()
virtual void initVisualCommandPool ()
CmdState insertAtCol1 (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState insertAtSOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState insertLineAfter (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState insertLineBefore (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual YInterval interval (const YCommandArgs &args, CmdState *state)
virtual bool isCommandLineMode () const
virtual bool isEditMode () const
virtual bool isSelMode () const
CmdState joinLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState joinLineWithoutSpace (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void leave (YView *mView)
CmdState lineToLowerCase (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState lineToUpperCase (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState macro (const YCommandArgs &args)
yzis::MapMode mapMode () const
CmdState mark (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor matchPair (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
ModeType modeType () const
QStringList modifierKeys () const
YCursor moveDown (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveLeft (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveLeftWrap (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveRight (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveRightWrap (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveSWordBackward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveSWordEndBackward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveSWordEndForward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveSWordForward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState movetoExMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState movetoInsertMode (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor moveUp (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveWordBackward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveWordEndBackward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor moveWordEndForward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState moveWordForward (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor moveWordForward (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor nextEmptyLine (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCommandparseCommand (const YKeySequence &inputs, YKeySequence::const_iterator &parsePos)
YMotionparseMotion (const YKeySequence &inputs, YKeySequence::const_iterator &parsePos, int &count, MotionType &motionType)
CmdState pasteAfter (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState pasteBefore (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor previousEmptyLine (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState redisplay (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState redo (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState redoLastCommand (const YCommandArgs &args)
bool registered () const
YCursor repeatFind (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState replace (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState replayMacro (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState saveAndClose (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor scrollLineDown (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor scrollLineUp (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor scrollPageDown (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor scrollPageUp (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
CmdState searchBackwards (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState searchForwards (const YCommandArgs &args)
YCursor searchNext (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor searchPrev (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
YCursor searchWord (const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state)
void setRegistered (bool registered)
CmdState substitute (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual bool supportsInputMethod () const
CmdState tagNext (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState tagPrev (const YCommandArgs &args)
virtual void toClipboard (YView *mView)
CmdState toLowerCase (const YCommandArgs &args)
const QString & toString () const
CmdState toUpperCase (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState translateToVisual (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState translateToVisualBlock (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState translateToVisualLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState undo (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState undoJump (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState yank (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState yankLine (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState yankToEOL (const YCommandArgs &args)
CmdState yankWholeLines (const YCommandArgs &args)
 YModeVisualBlock ()

Public Attributes

QList< YCommand * > commands
QList< YMotion * > motions
QStringList textObjects

Protected Member Functions

virtual YInterval buildBufferInterval (YView *mView, const YViewCursor &from, const YViewCursor &to)
virtual YInterval buildScreenInterval (YView *mView, const YViewCursor &from, const YViewCursor &to)

Protected Attributes

bool mEntireLines
bool mIM
bool mIsCmdLineMode
bool mIsEditMode
bool mIsSelMode
yzis::MapMode mMapMode
QStringList mModifierKeys
bool mRegistered
QString mString
ModeType mType

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