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YSession Class Reference

#include <session.h>

Inheritance diagram for YSession:

YSessionIface NYSession QYSession

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Detailed Description

Singleton class representing an Yzis application.

Class YSession

The YSession is managing all global attributes and method of Yzis.

It takes care of everything that is not local to a YBuffer or YView.

Contains data referring to an instance of yzis This may also be used to "transfer" a session from a GUI to another A session owns the buffers A buffer owns the views

Definition at line 65 of file session.h.

Public Member Functions

const YBufferList & buffers () const
YBuffercreateBuffer (const QString &path=QString())
YViewcreateBufferAndView (const QString &path=QString())
YViewcreateView (YBuffer *buffer)
YViewcurrentView ()
void deleteBuffer (YBuffer *b)
void deleteView (YView *v)
QStringList eventCall (const QString &event, YView *view=NULL)
void eventConnect (const QString &event, const QString &function)
bool exitRequest (int errorCode=0)
YBufferfindBuffer (const QString &path)
YViewfindViewByBuffer (const YBuffer *buffer)
 Find a view containing the buffer.
YViewfirstView ()
void frontendGuiReady ()
const YViewList getAllViews () const
YModeCommandgetCommandPool ()
YModeExgetExPool ()
YModeMap getModes () const
YInternalOptionPoolgetOptions ()
QStringList & getRegister (QChar r)
QList< QChar > getRegisters () const
const YTagStackgetTagStack () const
YTagStackgetTagStack ()
YInfogetYzisinfo ()
virtual void guiChangeCurrentView (YView *)=0
 Switch the current view.
virtual void guiCreateBuffer (YBuffer *b)
 Inform the frontend of the buffer creation.
virtual YViewguiCreateView (YBuffer *buffer)=0
 Create new views on an existing buffer.
virtual void guiDeleteView (YView *view)=0
 Ask the frontend to delete the view.
virtual void guiPopupMessage (const QString &message)=0
 Display the specified error/information message.
virtual bool guiPromptYesNo (const QString &title, const QString &message)=0
 Prompt a Yes/No question for the user.
virtual int guiPromptYesNoCancel (const QString &title, const QString &message)=0
 Prompt a Yes/No/Cancel question for the user.
virtual bool guiQuit (int errorCode=0)=0
 Ask the GUI to quit the app.
virtual void guiRemoveBuffer (YBuffer *b)
 Inform the frontend that the given buffer is being removed.
virtual void guiSetClipboardText (const QString &text, Clipboard::Mode mode)=0
virtual void guiSplitHorizontally (YView *)=0
 Splits horizontally the mainwindow area to create a new view on the current buffer.
bool isOneBufferModified () const
YViewlastView ()
YViewnextView ()
void operator delete (void *p)
void * operator new (size_t tSize)
void parseCommandLine (int argc, char *argv[])
const YCursor previousJumpPosition ()
YViewprevView ()
void registerModifier (const QString &mod)
void removeBuffer (YBuffer *b)
virtual YResourceMgrresourceMgr ()
bool saveAll ()
void saveBufferExit ()
void saveJumpPosition (const QPoint cursor)
void saveJumpPosition ()
YzisSchemaManager * schemaManager ()
virtual void scriptSendMultipleKeys (const QString &text)
YSearchsearch ()
virtual CmdState sendKey (YView *view, YKey _key)
virtual CmdState sendMultipleKeys (YView *view, YKeySequence &keys, YKeySequence::const_iterator &parsePos)
void setCurrentView (YView *)
void setRegister (QChar r, const QStringList &value)
void showCmdLineHelp (const QString &progName)
void showCmdLineUnknowOption (const QString &opt)
void showCmdLineVersion ()
QString toString () const
void unregisterModifier (const QString &mod)
virtual QString version ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool getBooleanOption (const QString &option)
static int getIntegerOption (const QString &option)
static QStringList getListOption (const QString &option)
static QString getStringOption (const QString &option)
static void initDebug (int argc, char **argv)
static YSessionself ()

Protected Member Functions

void endModes ()
void init ()
void initLanguage ()
void initModes ()
void initResource ()
void initScript ()
void runLuaScript ()
void sendInitkeys ()
 YSession ()
virtual ~YSession ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void setInstance (YSession *instance)

Private Member Functions

YSessionoperator= (const YSession &)
 YSession (const YSession &)

Private Attributes

YBufferList mBufferList
QString mInitkeys
QString mLuaScript
YModeMap mModes
YzisSchemaManager * mSchemaManager
YViewList mViewList

Static Private Attributes

static YSessionmInstance = 0

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