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YView Member List

This is the complete list of members for YView, including all inherited members.

adjustYView [private]
alignViewBufferVertically(int line)YView
alignViewVertically(int line)YView
appendInputBuffer(const YKey &k) (defined in YView)YView [inline]
applyChanges(int y) (defined in YView)YView
applyGoto(YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView [private]
applyStartPosition(const YCursor pos) (defined in YView)YView
areaModTabYView [private]
beginChanges (defined in YView)YView [private]
bottomViewVertically(int line)YView
centerLine(const QString &)YView
centerViewHorizontally(int column)YView
centerViewVertically(int line=-1)YView
clipSelection(const YSelection &sel) const YView
curAtYView [private]
currentMode() const YView [inline]
displayInfo(const QString &)YView
drawChar() const YView
drawColor(int col, int line) const YView
drawHeight() const YView
drawLength() const YView
drawLineFiller() const (defined in YView)YView
drawLineMarker() const (defined in YView)YView
drawLineNumber() const YView
drawModeYView [private]
fillChar() const (defined in YView)YView
folds() const YView [inline]
getBufferCursor() const YView
getCharBelow(int delta) (defined in YView)YView
getColumnsVisible() const YView [inline]
getCurrentLeft() const YView [inline]
getCurrentTop() const YView [inline]
getCursor() const YView
getDrawCurrentLeft() const YView [inline]
getDrawCurrentTop() const (defined in YView)YView [inline]
getId() const YView
getInputBuffer() const (defined in YView)YView [inline]
getLastInputBuffer() const (defined in YView)YView [inline]
getLinesVisible() const YView [inline]
getLocalBooleanOption(const QString &option) const YView
getLocalIntegerOption(const QString &option) const YView
getLocalListOption(const QString &option) const YView
getLocalMapOption(const QString &option) const YView
getLocalOption(const QString &option) const (defined in YView)YView
getLocalOptionKey() const (defined in YView)YView
getLocalStringOption(const QString &option) const YView
getRelativeScreenCursor() const (defined in YView)YView
getScreenPosition() const (defined in YView)YView
getSelectionPool() const YView [inline]
gotodx(int x) (defined in YView)YView [private]
gotodxdy(QPoint nextpos, bool applyCursor=true)YView
gotodxdy(int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView [inline]
gotodxdy(YViewCursor *viewCursor, QPoint nextpos, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
gotodxdy(YViewCursor *viewCursor, const int x, const int y, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView [inline]
gotodxdyAndStick(const QPoint cursor) (defined in YView)YView
gotodxdyAndStick(const int x, const int y) (defined in YView)YView [inline]
gotodxy(int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)YView
gotodxy(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
gotody(int y)YView [private]
gotoLastLine(YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
gotoLine(int line)YView
gotoLine(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int line, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
gotoStickyCol(int Y)YView
gotoStickyCol(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int Y, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
gotox(int x, bool forceGoBehindEOL=false) (defined in YView)YView [private]
gotoxdy(int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true)YView
gotoxdy(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
gotoxy(const QPoint nextpos, bool applyCursor=true)YView
gotoxy(YViewCursor *viewCursor, const QPoint nextpos, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
gotoxy(int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView [inline]
gotoxy(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nextx, int nexty, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView [inline]
gotoxyAndStick(const QPoint cursor)YView
gotoxyAndStick(const int x, const int y) (defined in YView)YView [inline]
gotoy(int y) (defined in YView)YView [private]
guiDisplayInfo(const QString &)YViewIface [inline, virtual]
guiDrawCell(QPoint pos, const YDrawCell &cell, void *arg)=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiDrawClearToEOL(QPoint pos, const QChar &clearChar)=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiDrawSetLineNumber(int y, int n, int h)=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiDrawSetMaxLineNumber(int max)=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiEndPaintEvent()=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiGetCommandLineText() const =0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiHighlightingChanged()=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiNotifyContentChanged(const YSelection &s)=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiPaintEvent(const YSelection &drawMap)YView [virtual]
guiPopupFileSaveAs()=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiPreparePaintEvent(int y_min, int y_max)=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiScroll(int dx, int dy)=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiSelectionChanged()YViewIface [inline, virtual]
guiSetCommandLineText(const QString &)=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiSetFocusCommandLine()=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiSetFocusMainWindow()=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiStatusBar()=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiUpdateCursor()=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
guiUpdateFileInfo()YViewIface [inline, virtual]
guiUpdateFileName()YViewIface [inline, virtual]
guiUpdateMode()=0YViewIface [pure virtual]
id (defined in YView)YView [private]
initChanges(QPoint pos)YView
initDraw(int sLeft, int sTop, int rLeft, int rTop, bool draw=true)YView
initDrawContents(int clipy) (defined in YView)YView
initGoto(YViewCursor *viewCursor) (defined in YView)YView [private]
internalScroll(int dx, int dy) (defined in YView)YView [private]
isColumnVisible(int column, int line) const YView
isLineVisible(int l) const YView
isRecording() const YView [inline]
keepCursor (defined in YView)YView [private]
lastChar (defined in YView)YView [private]
lineDY (defined in YView)YView [private]
lineHeight() const YView
lineIncrement() const YView
listChar (defined in YView)YView [private]
m_drawBuffer (defined in YView)YView [protected]
m_lineFiller (defined in YView)YView [private]
m_lineMarker (defined in YView)YView [private]
m_paintAll (defined in YView)YView [private]
m_paintAutoCommit (defined in YView)YView [private]
mainCursorYView [private]
mBufferYView [private]
mColumnsVisYView [private]
mFillChar (defined in YView)YView [private]
mFoldPool (defined in YView)YView [private]
mLastPreviousChars (defined in YView)YView [private]
mLineSearchYView [private]
mLinesVisYView [private]
mModePool (defined in YView)YView [private]
modePool() const YView [inline]
moveDown(int nb_lines=1, bool applyCursor=true)YView
moveDown(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nb_lines=1, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
moveLeft(int nb_cols=1, bool wrap=false, bool applyCursor=true)YView
moveLeft(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nb_cols=1, bool wrap=false, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
moveRight(int nb_cols=1, bool wrap=false, bool applyCursor=true)YView
moveRight(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nb_cols=1, bool wrap=false, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
moveToEndOfLine(YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
moveToFirstNonBlankOfLine(YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
moveToStartOfLine(YViewCursor *viewCursor, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
moveUp(int nb_lines=1, bool applyCursor=true)YView
moveUp(YViewCursor *viewCursor, int nb_lines=1, bool applyCursor=true) (defined in YView)YView
mPaintSelection (defined in YView)YView [private]
mPreviousCharsYView [private]
mRegsYView [private]
mSessionYView [private]
mVisualCursor (defined in YView)YView [private]
myBuffer() const YView [inline]
myLineSearch()YView [inline]
opt_list (defined in YView)YView [private]
opt_listchars (defined in YView)YView [private]
opt_schemaYView [private]
origPos (defined in YView)YView [private]
printToFile(const QString &path) (defined in YView)YView [virtual]
purgeInputBuffer()YView [inline]
rCurLineLengthYView [private]
rCurrentLeftYView [private]
rCurrentTopYView [private]
recordMacro(const QList< QChar > &regs)YView
redo(int count=1)YView
refreshScreen()YView [virtual]
registerModifierKeys(const QString &) (defined in YView)YView [inline, virtual]
registersRecorded() const YView [inline]
reindent(const QPoint pos)YView
removePaintEvent(const YCursor from, const YCursor to) (defined in YView)YView
reverseSearchYView [private]
rHLa (defined in YView)YView [private]
rHLAttributes (defined in YView)YView [private]
rHLAttributesLen (defined in YView)YView [private]
rHLnoAttribs (defined in YView)YView [private]
rightleft (defined in YView)YView [private]
rMinCurLineLengthYView [private]
saveInputBuffer() (defined in YView)YView
scrollCursor (defined in YView)YView [private]
sCurLineYView [private]
sCurLineLengthYView [private]
sCurrentLeftYView [private]
sCurrentTopYView [private]
selectionPool (defined in YView)YView [private]
sendBufferPaintEvent(int line, int n)YView
sendCursor(YViewCursor cursor) (defined in YView)YView
sendPaintEvent(const YCursor from, const YCursor to) (defined in YView)YView
sendPaintEvent(int curx, int cury, int curw, int curh) (defined in YView)YView
sendPaintEvent(YSelectionMap map, bool isBufferMap=true) (defined in YView)YView
setPaintAutoCommit(bool enable=true)YView
setStickyCol(int col)YView [inline]
setupKeys() (defined in YView)YView [protected]
setVisibleArea(int c, int l, bool refresh=true)YView
spaceWidth (defined in YView)YView [private]
stickyCol (defined in YView)YView [private]
stringHasOnlySpaces(const QString &what) (defined in YView)YView [protected]
tablengthYView [private]
tabstopYView [private]
toString() const YView
undo(int count=1)YView
unregisterModifierKeys(const QString &) (defined in YView)YView [inline, virtual]
updateCurLine() (defined in YView)YView [private]
updateStickyCol() (defined in YView)YView
updateStickyCol(YViewCursor *viewCursor)YView
viewCursor() const YView [inline]
visualCursor() (defined in YView)YView [inline]
visualSelection() const (defined in YView)YView
workCursorYView [private]
wrap (defined in YView)YView [private]
YDrawBuffer (defined in YView)YView [friend]
YView(YBuffer *_b, YSession *sess, int cols, int lines)YView
~YView()YView [virtual]
~YViewIface()YViewIface [virtual]

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